Local Comics: Some of the World’s Best Kept Secrets

Marvel comics are everywhere.  On television, in the theater, on the bookshelves.  Any which way you turn, a new rendition of old classics bombards the senses.  Sometimes they are excellent, sometimes, not so much.

Comics are Big Business…

There is no doubt that there is quality in the material that Marvel churns out at an alarmingly fast rate. But some of the best kept secrets in the world of comics are those that Marvel doesn’t have their hand in.  I mean first, there is The Walking Dead – a once little known graphic novel that has exploded on the little screen.  But The Walking Dead isn’t the only amazing story out there.

Local Comics are all the Rage…

In a small town in Southern Wisconsin came the brilliant series Urban Legends… a horror filled comic that takes the old school urban legends and retells them.  They have grown in just a few years to a huge following both in the Midwest and throughout the convention world.  Co-created by Jeff and Brandon Balke, the series attempts to build horror through skilled writing, brilliant illustration, and edgy coloring.  And they aren’t afraid to reinvent themselves as they currently work to re-release the serious with a new spin.

Talent Expands Beyond Comics…

But the talented couple haven’t stopped with the one comic series.  Jeff Balke recently launched Jeff Balke Studios, where he continuously works to create new and exciting characters, shaping old classic animation with a new edge. In this way, the company can bring new imaginations to life, one frame at a time.

The couple can be found at ComicCons nationwide, but work with small town heart, as exemplified in another series creation by Jeff Balke, the Balkenator and friends, which provides lighthearted entertainment for all ages.

While not the big-name comics with multi-million dollar contracts, yet, they remind us that quality art and entertainment are just around the corner, in small towns, waiting to be discovered.

Don’t dismiss the little guy just because the big names are everywhere.


Feature image provided comic creators.  For more information visit Jeff Balke’s Art Page or Jeff Balke Studios.

Trailer for Urban Legends.

Bonniejean Alford

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