Goodbye Logan: Worth Waiting For *Spoilers*

Logan, a.k.a. Wolverine, the reluctant hero of the X-Men series: Sure, he fought for good alongside Professor X and all the other X-Men, but not necessarily because he believed in the cause. More because he pretty much had nothing better to do. Throughout his life, it was never a selfless act. Always something to benefit from on his end.

That said, the relationship between Logan and Professor X remained the closest thing to family he knew – even if he was part of a team. Professor X constantly reminded him he was destined for something great.

Real Family, Unplanned…

Logan’s life changes with the newest edition to the X-Men series: Logan. In this film, we meet the young Laura, Logan’s apparent biological daughter, albeit created in a lab from his DNA. She’s a bit feral as she, along with several other mutant children, were illegally produced to become weapons for the U.S. government.

With the help of several nurses, the children all escaped prior to being killed, as the project was to be terminated. In the process of transporting Laura to North Dakota, where she would then travel over the border to sanctuary in Canada, we lose Professor X as well as several innocents who just happen to get in the way.

And for the first time, Logan realizes that he has something other than himself to fight for.

A Changed Man, Long Ago Predicted…

Logan’s anger subsides. Only love remains for the little girl that he never knew he wanted. She has the potential to be a better version of him, if she can only give up her own anger. Not that Laura doesn’t have a right to be angry having been constructed as property and raised to fight and battle. Then, marked for death when it wasn’t working out quite right for the “creator.”

Despite this, Laura knew love, an honor Logan never realized he had in Professor X. But he feels it upon meeting his daughter.  It is instantaneous, the mutual connection. Laura knows in Logan she sees herself in. She revels in seeing the origin of her own awkwardness and uncertainty in the world.

Something else new for Logan: Laura treats him with the same compassion she received from the nurses at the corporate laboratory where she spent her life.

The Path Revealed, In Death…

Having faced loss of his fellow X-Men, and now his leader, Logan finally sees everything Professor X has been trying to tell him.

The world wasn’t ready for the mutants before. Maybe it still isn’t or ever will. But Logan is doing all he can to offer the possibility. There’s so much hate that exists in the world, but through these children, there is hope for something better. That was always the case, though. Professor X strived to teach goodness in the heart of difference. Unfortunately, the masses of the world who don’t happen to have a mutated existence, who aren’t “different” saw these mutants as a threat.

Of course, another battle ensues – one that risks all the children. Unless, Logan sacrifices the greatest gift he can – his own life.

For the first time in his life, he offers a view of selflessness. He serves as an example to the children who then come together and uniformly fight the battle together, under the lead of the new professor, even if a temporary role. It is only through his sacrifice that the children can see that they are better working together – something he struggled with his entire journey.

In the end, Logan gives his life to protect his daughter, her friends, and the future. Hopefully, when they populate the next X-Men film, they will have a better chance at being accepted by the world than he and his team did.


Feature Image via Fox Films.

Bonniejean Alford

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