Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange Deleted Scene Brings the N’awwwws

With the release on Tuesday of the Doctor Strange DVD starring Benedict Cumberbatch, comes a host of outtakes and deleted scenes.

In this deleted scene, leaked (sort of) by USA TODAY, Stephen Strange, looking a bit ragged himself, stops on the street to bandage an injured dog and … well, watch the video below. It’s absolutely adorable and sure to make your Monday.

If you can’t wait till tomorrow to get your share of bloopers and outtakes from Marvel’s biggest selling superhero film of 2016, watch the compilation below.

Watch Benedict Cumberbatch dance like a fool. Watch Benedict Cumberbatch blow lines.

Costar Tilda Swinton also seems to have some trouble with her lines.

Marvel done good last year, and Doctor Strange pulled in over $685 million at the box office with great reviews. Doctor Strange got a nod from the Oscars this year, as well, and has been nominated in the Best Visual Effects category. So, if you didn’t get a chance to see it in the theater, Feb. 14 really is all about the love for any Benedict Cumberbatch or Marvel fan.

On Tuesday, fans will be able to buy the Digital HD/3D, DVD, and Blu-ray versions, and news is that the digital releases come with more than 80 minutes of bonus material, according to Movieweb. There are five behind-the-scenes featurettes, five deleted scenes, outtakes, audio commentary, and part two of the mocumentary “Team Thor.”

You can watch the featurette: “The Astral Form,” below:


Featured image via screencap

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