This Deleted Scene from ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Shows off Ilvermorny School Pride Song

The one thing that J.K. Rowling excels at is world building. The Harry Potter universe is rich with detail and history, which is why she was able to turn nothing more than a running joke — the much hated (or loved, depending how you feel), textbook that all Hogwarts students are required to lug around.

This new deleted scene adds layers to the Wizarding World, showing Tina and Queenie as they burst into their school pep song during a bit of a debate over of which wizarding school in the world was the best.

According to Screen Crush, the song was written by the actress who plays Queenie, Alison Sudol.  Sudol released three albums and toured the world under the name “A Fine Frenzy” before retiring from music to focus on acting.

The school song scene is one of the 11 total included on the Blu-ray and 2-disk DVD packages.

Watch the delightful scene between the two American witches below:

Featured image via video screencap

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