Life of Carrie Fisher Celebrated in New Comic Book

2016 was a major kick in the teeth to fandom, opening in January with the heartbreak of losing David Bowie, the Goblin King, and Alan Rickman, or Professor Snape, and it ending on a bitter note with the death of actress Carrie Fisher, our princess and general.

Tidalwave Comics has just announced that a comic book celebrating her life will be released on Feb. 22, 2017.

Tidalwave quotes Carrie in their announcement:

“There is no point at which you can say, ‘Well, I’m successful now. I might as well take a nap.'”

Via Singapore Times

Carrie was a hero to young women across the world since playing the kick-ass Princess Leia in Star Wars in 1977, and finishing her career as Gen. Leia Organa in 2015 in The Force Awakens. Despite struggling with addiction and bipolar disorder, Carrie could be counted on for her acerbic and insightful wit, as well as taking on any challenge or criticism with a dark sense of humor and a bit of backbone.

Known widely for her role as Leia Organa, Fisher also delivered sparkling performances in When Harry Met Sally, The Burbs, and Woody Allen’s Hannah.

Carrie Fisher was also a skilled writer, with her first book, Postcards from the Edge, published in 1987, landing her firmly on the bestseller list with her humor and honesty. In 2008, she published Wishful Drinking, winning a Grammy for spoken word album.

Via Singapore Times

The 27-page comic book will be released in print as well as in digital for iTunes, Kindle, and Nook. You will even be able to check it out of your library, if it uses Overdrive.

The Singapore Times provided a video clip featuring more shots of the comic book which you can see at their website.
Featured image via ST video screenshot

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