Resident Evil – Fitting Twist Concludes Legacy. (*spoiler*)

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Not often does a film series with six movies conclude in a positive and entertaining way that also shocks the viewer.  So often genre specific films have a formula they follow and audiences can predict how it is going to play out and end.

Even in earlier films within the Resident Evil series, the story lines have in fact been somewhat formulaic – Alice battles evil, Alice wins somehow.  Of course, within the formula viewers earn a new piece of the larger puzzle.  The formula does carry through into the final film.  But a key difference in this finale, as compared to the finale of other film collections, involves a final revelation regarding the identity of Alice and the details of the often addressed “Project Alice”.

Project Alice.

From the series inception, we know Alice faced experimentation. The Umbrella corporation altered her in a manner that makes her stronger and more of a threat to them.  And yet, they remain curious as to the impact she will play in their planned bigger picture.

Even with this truth, audiences are only given bits and pieces in film after film.  She appears to exist as the original being that has faced surgeries and scientific enhancements that go far beyond the introduction of the T-Virus into her biochemistry.  Her original self apparently cloned and tested in ways unimaginable.

Through it all, Alice remembers nothing from before she awoke in the mansion at the edge of the hive in the first Film. Evidence she finds suggests she has a husband and a brother and quite possibly a childhood for which she sees no evidence. This lack of evidence or memory does not deter her in the mission that carries through all six entries into the series.

She must lead the battle to save humanity from evil, from destruction.

The Red Queen.

In this final chapter, the Red Queen appears yet again to help Alice. For some reason, along the way this artificial intelligence has worked to assist Alice, even when her programming demanded otherwise. Managing to offer tidbits that did not violate her core command structure has served as a helpful tool in Alice’s success.

We learn, finally, of the true connection between Alice and the Red Queen. Anyone who has watched the previous films knows that The Red Queen was modeled after the young Alicia Marcus, daughter to the creator of the T-Virus. The original goal of the creation was to save lives, including Alicia’s.

While the T-Virus helped her, temporarily, it also had unintended consequences for the world – conversion into Zombies.  It spread quickly and humanity faced extinction. Shy, of course, the few thousand rich that purchased a cryogenic chamber in the hive ark.  Protected as the new generation made up of the wealthy and greedy of the past.

We learn in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that Dr. Marcus’ business partner, Dr. Isaacs, not only murdered Dr. Marcus, but controlled the company on a mission to wipe out humanity. Only those select few would survive and repopulate in their greed-driven image.

Amid all this, someone uploaded into the programming of The Red Queen hidden directives to help Alice, while not also violating her other dictates.  Not an easy task for an artificial intelligence.


Milla Jovovich as an aged Alicia Marcus in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
Milla Jovovich as an aged Alicia Marcus in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Image by Sony Pictures at IMDB.

And what of Alice? Who is she, really?

In the end, we learn that she is indeed a clone, although the original clone, created as the aged representation of Alicia Marcus herself.  While The Red Queen captured the memory of the child Alicia, Alice embodied what Alicia would have looked like had she the ability to grow up normally rather than under the ravaging of her aging disease.

Alice’s DNA altered from the sample DNA provide by Alicia to not only be older, but also disease free.  Until, of course, they infused her with the T-Virus as well.  It’s bonding with her DNA an unexpected blessing for humanity. She retained her desire to make earth whole again, with diverse and unique beings striving for success.

The Cure.

In her journey, Alice learns of the solution from her “Clone”-like counterpart, The Red Queen.  There exists a single anti-virus that will destroy the T-Virus once and for all. The Umbrella Corporation wants to use it destroy the T-Virus only after the destruction of all pockets of human resistance. This would cleanse the world of the undesirable in humanity, allowing those wealthy in the hive ark to emerge and recreate their dream world.

Alicia Marcus has other ideas, which is why she created the sub-program for The Red Queen to assist Alice. Alicia wants the world to move forward without the T-Virus and the greedy investors who set in motion the world’s end.

Alice accepts that in her action, her life would also be sacrificed as the antivirus strips the T-Virus from her biology.  But Alicia Marcus lied to Alice.  In her, since the T-Virus bonded with her so differently, it would only be cured from her biology – leaving Alice very much alive while Alicia detonated the bomb that killed her and those in the hive ark.

Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Image by Sony Pictures at IMDB.

A Final Gift.

Alicia Marcus imparted on Alice a final gift – her childhood memories. Alice finally made whole, with memories to guide her future and live a lie that Alicia would never have to privilege to experience.

Alice rides off knowing she still has some work to complete before her life can truly begin.  But with hope for the unknown restored for all of humanity, she knows her mission rests at the close.




Watch the first 10 minutes of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.




Feature image by Sony Pictures at IMDB.

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