Trailer for New Sci-Fi Movie, ‘Life,’ Drops, and Looks Pretty Amazing

The most terrifying moment of my childhood was sitting in the back seat of the family station wagon at the drive in, watching The Andromeda Strain. My brother, who was already showing signs of being the sociopath he would eventually become, leaned over and whispered in my 6-year-old ear: “That’s really going to happen, you know.”

I believe that marks the beginning of a life of insomnia and over-thinking into the small hours. What will I do? How will I survive? But it also marks the beginning of a life that looks to science for handling life’s problems, and sci-fi for speculating on what those might be.

It seems that Hollywood is returning to the old-school sci-fi suspense genre with Life, a thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson.

Picture a team of explorers, the first Earthlings to discover life on another planet. Although this new “life” is nothing more than a single-celled organism, it proves to be far more intelligent than ever expected…

Sounds familiar, but it also sounds like the kind of classic sci-fi movie that we don’t seem to get enough of in a deluge of superhero movies.

Life hits the theatres on Memorial Day weekend, May 26.

If this hasn’t made it onto your radar yet, check out the released stills below, along with the new trailer.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Life Via IMDb
Ryan Reynolds in Life Via IMDb

LIFE – Official Trailer

Featured image via IMDb

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