The Oatmeal, Beta Tests New Card Games: Bears vs, Babies

The creator of the popular web comic, The Oatmeal, is working on a new tabletop card game after the great success of last year’s project, Exploding Kittens.

Matt Inman, artist and creator of the popular online comic blog, The Oatmeal, crashed a library in Arlington, Virginia, and had players beta test his latest creation, the card game Bears vs. Babies.

According to HeraldNet, the new game is a follow up to Exploding Kittens, a card game that Inman created with Elan Lee and Shane Small. The Kickstarter crowdfunding project made history in 2015 by becoming the most backed campaign for the website, launching Exploding Kittens into a an $8 million company.

The new card game, Bears vs. Babies, asks players to create monsters out of several cards that then go to war with armies of horrible babies. Whenever a baby is provoked (by being woken from their nap), battle ensues. If the monsters (sharks, bears, etc.) win the battle, they get to eat the babies. If the monsters lose to the babies, they are the ones devoured. Whichever player’s bear eats the most babies, wins.

Last year’s Kickstarter for the new game had over 85,000 contributors. One of the prizes offered for the campaign was a playtest party. A video contest decided the winner, who was then among the first to play the game and give it a real life field test. Around 20 fans got to playtest the new card game on Wednesday at the Arlington library.

Inman presided over the games, drew pictures of his comic characters for fans, autographed books, and posed for selfies.

Inman started out as a website builder, then developed his Oatmeal series in 2009, telling HeraldNet:

“I didn’t grow up the funny one. I grew up as the angry one in the family. I think anxiety and rage overlap with comedy really well. I have that anxiety and rage thing down, and then when comedy showed up, I knew how to put the two together.”

The game is scheduled for a few more playtest trials, but you can stay up to date by signing up for notifications at the website.

Watch Inman explain the game play in the video below:

Featured image via video screencap

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