‘Arrow’ Stephen Amell Kills ‘Ninja Warrior’ Challenge

Superhero fans got quite a treat this past Thursday. Stephen Amell, known for playing DC comics hero Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on CW’s Arrow TV show, appeared on NBC’s celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior and did one heck of a job.

Stephen Amell isn’t a stranger to physical trials. First of all, he does his own stunts when performing on Arrow. In fact, the Arrow pilot episode stole one of the challenges from American Ninja Warrior, the Salmon Ladder that Amell has become known for. He also has quite the social media following and regularly posts videos of his workout regiments.

Amell has been vocal on social media about wanting to be on American Ninja Warrior for years, and his fans have constantly supported him. His opportunity finally came during NBC’s Red Nose Day specials, which included a celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior.

For those who don’t know, Red Nose Day is put on every year by a British charity group called Comic Relief. It raises money for disadvantaged people, namely younger and impoverished children. Currently, Red Nose Day benefits all 50 states and 25 different countries.

Stephen Amell put on a performance worthy of his mantle as the Green Arrow, coached by Ninja Warrior veteran Kacey Catanzaro. He completed 7 obstacles in total at $5,000 each, raising a total of $35,000 for Comic Relief. These challenges included the entire six-obstacle standard course, followed by the first obstacle in the advanced course, Amell’s own Salmon Ladder. He ultimately fell to the newest challenge, the Swinging Peg Board.

Throughout his entire run, Stephen Amell is enjoying himself and ready to keep going. Afterwards he posted on Facebook saying, “I can’t find a more fun way to raise money for Red Nose Day … I might have to come back.”

You can watch Amell’s entire American Ninja Warrior run in this video from NBC’s Facebook page. Arrow concluded its fifth season the night before on CW with its episode called “Lian Yu.”


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