Game of Thrones Concept Art Leaked Online Drops Massive Hints for Season 7

Reddit users dropped a gorgeous piece of concept art from Game of Thrones on Thursday, and the experts from fansite Watchers on the Wall seem to think it’s completely legit.

The concept art was leaked on Imgur/ Reddit, and the first image features a several main characters near the entrance of the Dragonpit. It looks like Tyrion Lannister, Bronn, a guard, and John Snow with his back to the viewer. The second image is a shot of corner of the picture where it reads: “Game of Thrones VII. Dragonpit Entrance.”

Via Imgr
Via Imgr


Although concept art doesn’t always give the best idea of what will appear onscreen, it certainly drops some hints about important scenes. Watcher says the concept art fits what they saw during a location shoot in Spain.

The Dragonpit, a building at King’s Landing, was foreshadowed previously. It once served as the house for the Targyrn dragons, but is now in ruins. According to hints, Daenerys will also make an appearance in the scene. According to Watchers, the scene shows when John Snow appears with a wight in the Season 7 finale.


Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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