It Seems That ‘Jessica Jones’ Has Had Enough of Donald Trump’s Mansplaining

It appears that Marvel superhero and private detective  Jessica Jones has trolled Donald Trump in a hilarious substweet.

Out of the middle of nowhere — and right in the middle of Donald Trump’s speech to Congress on Tuesday night —  the @JessicaJones Twitter feed dropped a scathing message.

The Twitter feed represents the character Jessica Jones from the eponymous series on Netflix, a feminist television icon. Normally, “Jessica” just tweets the occasional joke or responds to the tweets on other Marvel Netflix shows. The @JessicaJones feed is delightfully sarcastic, with random bitterly funny and somewhat cynical snark. But in this case, the timing was just too… well timed.

“Sorry, I can’t hear what you’re saying over all the stupidity coming out of your mouth.”

Yahoo TV notes that the speech kicked off shortly after 9 p.m. Eastern, and the @JessicaJones tweet dropped right in the middle.

The Trump speech was pretty wide-ranging, so there’s no telling exactly what “Jessica” was responding to. And let’s face it, it’s not an uncommon reaction to one of the Drumpf’s lowest-common-denominator speeches.

Some responding fans and followers came to the same conclusion: “Jessica” was responding to the decimation of health care or the implication that immigration is a bad thing.

“So you’re watching the Joint Address too, huh? I don’t think you have enough liquor to tolerate that.”

“Are u talking about Trump, Please tell me ur talking about Trump :)”

“@JessicaJones that’s one hell of a subtweet!”

Personally, I’d like to think that “Jessica” was responding to the whole racist, misogynist pile of spin and not any fascist policy in particular. After all, what would Jessica do?

We may find out soon:


Featured image via IMDb


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