John Winchester Announces He’s Back to Hunting

Even though Hunter Dad hasn’t been seen around the Supernatural set in a few years, John Winchester decided to fill in for the boys in Transylvania and clean out a nest of old-school vamps.

Well, sort of.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan dropped this gem on Twitter, letting his favorite former co-stars that he’s still saving people and hunting things:

“Hey @JensenAckles and @jarpad in Transylvania. Gonna finish this vampire deal once and for all. You’re welcome.”

Dying hasn’t seem to have slowed John Winchester down a bit.

Morgan still likes to check in with “the boys” even though he’s moved on from nebulous ambiguous moralty to the darkest of the dark side. He even sent some candy last Halloween, like any good dad would do, and made shure that Jensen Ackles shared it with his “brother.”

And just like any normal “kid,” Ackles likes to get into Dad’s tools. And Dad, of course, thinks enough is enough.

Say what you want, JDM will always be Denny Duquette to me.

Courtesy of the Greys Anatomy Wiki.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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