‘The Librarians’ Scores Season 4 from TNT

The travels and travails of The Librarians will return for Season 4, as reported by Deadline Hollywood.

Launched in 2014, the show features the second generation of Librarians, based on the series of three movies that starred Noah Wyle, produced by Dean Devlin in the 2000s. The new Librarians set off on adventures and fight bad guys in order to keep mystical and magical artifacts out of the wrong hands.

Sitting in the TNT network’s top 3 shows with adult viewers, made it an easy decision for renewal. In its third season, The Librarians reached 5.4 million viewers per episode, particularly with younger viewers, helped in part no doubt by cast members live tweeting episodes and interacting with fans when the show aired.

Starring Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Harlan Kim, the cast is bolstered by the original star of the three-movie series, Noah Wyle, and John Larroquette as the most senior and often curmudgeonly member of the library staff.

Romijn stars as Eve Baird, a former military counter-terrorism specialist who provides physical protection for the group of highly intelligent librarians, who also have their own unique set of skills. Jake Stone, played by Kane, is an art and history expert. Booth plays Cassandra, a genius with a deadline who harnesses her synesthesia to solve intricate physics puzzles. Kim plays Ezekiel Jones, a master thief whose motivations often come into question.

If you haven’t given this modern day fantasy show a chance, check out the trailer below and make sure you catch up before Season 4 hits the air.


Featured image via IMDb

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