How Much Longer Will ‘Supernatural’ Last … ?

As one of the longest running televisions shows still on primetime, many fans are wondering how much longer Supernatural will last.

The main characters have both died — several times — the world has had its apocalypse (after all these centuries), Lucifer has roamed the Earth, and God has gone off on a family vacation… what next?

Showrunner Andrew Dabb told Cinemablend that it’s up to the stars of the show.

“I think what’s going to stop us ultimately is at what point do Jared and Jensen decide they’ve played the roles for too long, or at what point do we get to a point where we feel like we’re repeating ourselves, or we feel like we can’t take some of the bigger swings — whether they work or not — that we’ve taken in the past. So for me to give an end date, I couldn’t do it.”

Even after 12 seasons, Supernatural is still a fan favorite, and although ratings have fluctuated over the years, fans still come back to follow their favorite hunters. Dabb said:

“People come back for the characters. You could ask your average Supernatural fan to explain the mythology of a season and they’re gonna explain it in terms of the characters they respond to. Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley, whoever they’re into in whatever combination. I think that’s the important thing. So as long as we can keep these characters vibrant and developing, and move toward more serialized storytelling that TV in general has done and that we have done, allows that. I think we can keep going for a while.”

Supernatural just renewed for Season 13, and the show hasn’t come near to exhausting the rich and varied history of humanity’s occult traditions. But as Dabb said, fans really care more about the characters than the mythology or the plot, and that’s pretty common for most long-running TV shows.

The flexibility of the storytelling is one thing that allows the writers to continue to keep the overall story of Sam and Dean moving. Although they’ve had a few “home bases”: Bobby’s house, the bunker; the premise of the show allows the story to move around the country as well into other planes of existence. And as much as they’ve tried, neither of the main characters have ever “settled down” — at least not for long. So, the writers have a great deal of freedom to reframe each season as a new and unique story of its own.

Dabb says that they do have a goal:

“I think we’re all really hopeful of getting to Episode 300. We think that would be a really awesome milestone. Could it go beyond that? Creatively, yes, I think it could. But just because something could doesn’t mean it should.”

Supernatural has already aired 252 episodes and just renewed for the 13th season. I think they could do 300 easy.

Here’s CW’s teaser trailer for this week’s episode, “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”


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