No Cloning Around: The Best Show on TV You’re Not Watching

Buried in the recesses of cable television on BBC America rests Orphan Black, now preparing for its fifth and final season – a show many most likely do not know exists.  Made for American audiences by British television, it encompasses the best of both cultures and leaves you guessing at every single turn.


The story began as Sarah Manning was thrust into a recently deceased (by suicide) Beth Child’s life. It should have been a simple enough con – clear the bank accounts before anyone knew the woman had died. Complications arose as Sarah’s own past started to unravel with the introduction of “sistra” after “sistra.”  Each one being a nearly identical clone of some original that we later learn is a blood relation to the foster mom Sarah has had a love/hate relationship with her entire life.

Compared to the other clones on Orphan Black, Sarah is different.  Not only does she have a womb twin, but she also has biologically mothered a child, Kira. This child remains a mystery of grand proportions herself. On top of the mix, introduce a militant group of brother clones that have one mission – find the original even if it means destroying the sister clones along the way.

And if all that wasn’t enough to keep you guessing at every turn, add in layers of multiple interwoven conspiracies. Sarah aims to collapse each as she undertakes her own search for answers.

At the heart of the quality production of Orphan Black is Tatiana Maslany who effortlessly moves between characters as though they are pieces of herself.  Each clone is distinct from the next – at times you cannot even be certain it is the same actress.  The walk. The demeanor.  All different.  And even when portraying one clone pretending to be another, you can see the differences from the “real” clone.


Orphan Black is edge of the seat every week.  When the episode ends, you are left feeling a need for more… this just for during the season – between seasons is unbearable, as there are only 10 episodes in each.  All jam packed with an upside-down world that makes science more than just interesting.

As fans prepare to enter the fifth and final season of Orphan Black, viewers anticipate the final answers that the producers have dangled in front of audiences for four seasons.  Across the globe, die-hard fans of the show will re-watch past seasons searching for pieces of the story that they missed along the way.

And for those who haven’t watched Orphan Black yet, there is still time before the season starts.


Featured image via BBC America.

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