Message to Fox Network Execs: Please Say Goodnight to ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Supernatural reboot of the story Sleepy Hollow recently ended its fourth, and possibly last, season with a powerful punch. Read on, with the promise of season spoilers.

Season 4 presented as somewhat of a refresh itself. At the conclusion of Season 3, we lost a main character, Ichabod Crane’s co-witness, Abby Mills. This casting choice left viewers wondering exactly how they could return without a pair of witnesses, as the biblical prophecy set forth eons before. What progressed was a somewhat confusing season with an almost entirely new cast, shy Ichabod and Jennie Mills. With the new cast, a new setting in Washington D.C., and a new storyline about a special vault to house artifacts; the vault commissioned by George Washington himself, who named Ichabod as the future head.

Mission to find the witness…

The journey to track down the witness to join Ichabod on his journey led our heroes to Washington D.C. They somehow located the new witness in a little girl named Molly Thomas. Molly’s mother, Diana, a Homeland Security Agent unaware of the supernatural, let alone her role in its world.

Jennie and Ichabod danced around the battles together with Diana for several episodes, but finally settled on informing her of her role in destiny – to raise a witness. For Molly, though, the answer came for her to finally understand her own identity, her nightmarish dreams, her uniqueness. It opened her mind and allowed her to experience her gifts in their full glory. And, also it allowed her to be taken advantage of by the arch-enemy for this season, Malcolm Dreyfuss.

Mission to save the world…

Of course, the story of Sleepy Hollow would not be complete without a battle to save the world. Once again, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse get summoned. This time, however, they all come to life and a battle that took four seasons to build ensues in the final episode.

Out of nowhere arrives Lara to assist in the battle. We later learn her identity as Molly from a post-apocalyptic future. After being raised by a tyrannous Malcolm in the guise of saving her, she has traveled back in time to save her mother from becoming the Horseman of War. The outcome however, ends up killing Ichabod instead. Well, kind of. He ends up being near-mortally wounded and tapped to become the Horseman of War himself, ironically a role his own son, Henry, once had been imprisoned to.

Mission to end a series…

Of course, Lara frees Ichabod from the clutches of the Horseman, which later takes Henry once again – by Henry’s own choice this time. In order to defeat Malcolm, Ichabod must make the ultimate sacrifice for love: relinquish his own soul in a deal with the Devil to kill an immortal.

The battle against the Four Horsemen unfolds. Along the way, Ichabod somehow manages to find closure with Henry, bonding over freedom. In that closure we see how choice can be driven by love or hate, with a fine line between the two. Henry moves aside, allowing Ichabod and Diana to save the President, who Malcolm had kidnapped. Malcolm’s soul departs earth for Hell thanks to his own deal with the devil.

Ichabod and Diana fill in the President, who then makes Ichabod an American citizen, finally – and just in time to vote in local elections.

Mission to build a family…

They discover that Molly no longer has a witness connection to Ichabod. Free of the obligation, she now has an unwritten future to live on her own terms. Lara, Molly’s former future self, remains as sole co-witness with Ichabod. Lara, who has no future to return to, fully accepts her role as a witness in this new time, with an unknown future before her as well. To prepare, she decides to go on a walkabout to understand her new time, to better arm herself in the world she’s chosen to live and battle evil.

Diana, though free of the duty herself, makes the choice to continue as Ichabod’s partner battling evil with an official transfer to the vault.

In the final scene of what is merely listed as the season finale, the banter between Ichabod and Diana is more than just natural. It endures as business as usual. But she refers to them as family. Indeed, they are the family they had all been searching for.

The battles will continue, even if the war may seem over. And while not yet officially cancelled, I say, what a way to end a series; with the reality that life just goes on with a family one has chosen to go through life hurdles with – and this family’s hurdles are ones you should not battle alone.  Not since the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed have I been so satisfied with a show’s conclusion.

That said, I would certainly watch if the show returned, especially if they shake things up further and somehow bring Abby Mills back from the dead. Let me ponder that for a bit while Fox makes its choice.


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View the full episode: Freedom.

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