Supernatural Season 12 Includes Mystery Man of Letters & Teaser Trailer

Teased in the mid-season finale in December, a new character is stepping into the Supernatural cast for the second half of Season 12.

David Haydn-Jones will appear as Mr. Ketch, an associate of the British Men of Letters, part of a secret society that hunts monsters in the United Kingdom. Season 12 features the British branch of the Men of Letters expanding into the United States and internationally, and meeting up with Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

According to Deadline.

“This new addition is suave, handsome, totally competent — and a sociopath.”

The new villain will appear in Episode 9, titled “First Blood.” Which will be the midseason premiere on Thursday, Jan. 26 on the CW network. The show is taking a new time slot, as well, so make sure you set your DVR.

The winter break left us in a bit of a cliff hanger. Having been found guilty of trying to assassinate the president of the U.S., who was possessed by Lucifer at the time, Sam and Dean have been held prisoner by the government in an undisclosed location.

When the post-show returns to the air, Castiel, played by Misha Collins, enlists the help of Sam and Dean’s mother Mary, played by Samantha Smith, to rescue the boys from prison.

And who knows what they’ll decide to do about the child that the president, possessed by Lucifer, left behind…

Supernatural Season 12 Mid-Season Premiere Teaser

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