Tom Hardy Says Viewers Should Watch ‘Taboo’ Twice

Playing on BBC One in the U.K., and the FX Network in the U.S. new TV series Taboo starring Tom Hardy is making some waves with fans of the Gothic and gritty.

And fans of Tom Hardy, of course.

Hardy sat down with Esquire — who called the popular English actor both chivalrous and charming — to promote the new series.

Taboo is a dark, dark Regency era period piece, and follows James Delaney after his return to London after 10 years in Africa. Long thought dead, Delaney inherits the remains of his fathers shipping company amid a mysterious legacy, and with enemies surrounding him.

The series premiered on Jan. 10, and reviews are mixed. But according to Tom Hardy, you need to watch the show twice to uncover its secrets.

Hardy compares the tone of the show with classic Gothic literature, and says that viewers need to follow the story through to the end to get the full range of tones inherent in the production. Hardy told Esquire:

“Once we meet and greet the characters, it’s actually not what it seems. I want to urge people to continue through that. It’s designed to slow burn. By Episode Eight, it’s actually not what you think you’re watching at all.

“For us, we want it to be a re-watch. We want you to go back and see from [episode] one, how it’s set up to be.”

The show is a creation of Hardy and his father. Hardy says they came up with the project nearly a decade ago.

“It’s also really nice to have something that my father and I are working on from a conversation that we had like nine years ago. But it’s completely unrecognizable.”

And then there’s the loincloth, which unfortunately, we don’t get to see as much as film was shot:

“A lot of those endless days wandering around naked in a loincloth don’t even make the final cut, which is a little bit of a disappointment.”


Courtesy IMDb

We’re disappointed too, Tom. Really, we are.

Check out the trailer for Taboo below.

Featured image via IMDb

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