Generation X Female Gamer – Yes, We Really Do Exist

I am a gamer.

Okay, I’ll admit it – maybe was a gamer might be more accurate.  As I have aged, I have moved on to other interests with limited time and so many available options for entertainment.  Attention divided by television, movies, comics, and life make the fun things like gaming not as much a priority as it once was.

Early gaming…

My childhood was filled with early gaming, on systems we now would consider beyond the dinosaur.  Duke Nukem wasn’t my first game, but the first I am willing to mention.  I followed Duke through single frame into 3D on dozens of variances. And yes, I even look forward to the movie if it is ever made (should I?).

Eventually, I moved on to games like Diablo (now in its 3rd installment), Icewind Dale (my favorite came, now enhanced), and even the Sims.  Mario brothers on original Nintendo.  Not to mention Atari and those very time consuming DOS command games.

Honestly, as a youth I couldn’t get enough games.  I wanted to try anything and everything.  Part of it was that the boys told me I couldn’t do it because I was a girl.  I showed them… not only could I do it, but I often beat their top scores.

Growing up…

Now, I have less time.  So I play games less.  It is reality.  Sometimes, though, I want to put a game on the computer, whether an old classic or something new. Maybe I can just get lost in an alternate world where I have to save the day by destroying the monsters or save the princess.

The joys of childhood come rushing back and I remember the good parts of where I came from.


Feature image via Duke Nukem game page.

Bonniejean Alford

Bonniejean Alford professionally writes marketing content throughout the technology industry and regularly participates in genre specific fan sites. She spent her youth as an avid gamer and her current favorite pastime is just about anything science fiction or fantasy. While she doesn't consider herself a nerd, others have, which only adds to her uniqueness as a writer. Bonniejean hopes to complete her first novel this year, a coming of age story about a woman tapped to protect the timeline. While not exactly science fiction, the presence of time travel shapes the novel. Bonniejean also teaches Sociology at a community college in Illinois. You can connect with Bonniejean on Twitter.

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